Pacific Command (PACOM) Pacific Partnership Case Study

CLIENT: Pacific Command (PACOM) Pacific Partnership
PARTICIPANTS: USN, USMC, USA participation along with observers from across Pacific



GRT developed a new PACOM mission capability using its Rapid Data Management System (RDMS), and this capability was successfully field tested and validated in the Pacific by the Office of Naval Research and the MARFORPAC Experimentation Center during the recent Pacific Partnership deployment. The RDMS PACOM data collection, reporting and collaboration solution was separately and simultaneously deployed by Southern Command, USAID, the International Organization for Migration, the Haitian Government and a host of NGOs in support of their collaborative efforts to provide HA/DR assistance to the people of Haiti following the massive January earthquake in that country.


The RDMS PACOM system is comprised of:

  • Handheld devices loaded with pre-programmed forms
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WiFi) access point
  • In-Field Server (IFS)
  • Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminal
  • “Cloud” servers (i.e., APAN)

Users entered data via pre-programmed forms on the handheld devices and transmitted the data to the IFS located at each MEDCAP site. The data from the IFS was synchronized with the primary Cloud server’s Collaboration Center. Remote personnel (e.g., ship, HHQ) could access reports of the daily activity. VETCAPs, Public Health and PDSS is the same architecture and data flow except that data is sent directly to the Cloud server, not to the IFS.

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  • GRT’s RDMS solution successfully enabled faster more efficient patient triage and tracking within expeditionary medical missions AND provided higher headquarters with the strategic visibility to more effectively plan and coordinate these joint, interagency and multinational missions.
  • Through the use of RDMS, the mission captured and reported more than 90,000 individual patient assessments across Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papa New Guinea and Timor Leste.
  • RDMS supported multiple missions including pre-deployment site surveys, VETCAPs and SME training manifests.
  • Mission reporting available and leveraged throughout the mission by in-field commanders, PACFLT & PACOM.


"RDMS is a revolutionary technology that saves lives and has more than proven itself in the harshest conditions of Marine Corps field operations in East Asia, the western Pacific, and Haiti. The only thing better than RDMS's performance, is its potential to grow into other uses, functions, and domains. The civil applications alone are enormous and limited only by our imaginations. It is an order of magnitude increase in capability from our traditional methods of gathering, managing, analyzing, and viewing the world that surrounds us.”

Lieutenant General Keith J. Stalder, USMC (Ret)