GRT’s proprietary software was developed on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design. SOA is a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing software in the form of interoperable services. These services have well-defined business functionalities that are built as software components (discrete pieces of code and/or data structures) which can be reused for different purpose. Adopting the SOA is essential to delivering the business agility and IT flexibility promised by Web Services.

GRT has added workflow engine integration with their service architecture to produce a system that can operate proactively, which is not possible with SOA-only implementations. As a result, GRT can react automatically to new information coming in via services and can use business rules to automatically initiate desired actions.

Therefore the Service Oriented Architecture of RDMS enables organizations to respond more quickly and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions/business process workflows because it is highly flexible and customizable. SOA also simplifies interconnection to, and usage of, existing IT (legacy) assets. In addition, it enables GRT to integrate field workforce duties across many client back end enterprise systems, and we know most clients have multiple back end systems supporting field operational duties.


RDMS Supported Mobile Platforms

Android, iOS
(Support Organization-owned or Employee-owned devices)

RDMS Cloud Services

Microsoft Server 2008 or later

RDMS Database

Microsoft SQL Server, Linux & MySQL

RDMS Rules Engine (Cloud)

Windows or Linux


GRT offers OVER 10 years of experience incorporating geographic information systems (GIS) and global position systems (GPS) into our approach to Field Workforce Automation. When it comes to utilizing GIS/GPS features and functionality in the field by your mobile workforce we make it fast, effective, and fully integrated with field workforce operations. From experience, we know that a patchwork of systems providing the many different data components does not stand up under demanding and changing field conditions, and we have created a simple unified system for ease and flexibility.