The GRT Mobile Solutions Partner Program provides a path to business success through access to GRT solutions, products, resources and tools that help you drive sales in target industries, and the backing of a partner that highly values its channel opportunities. Recognizing the vital role our channels play in delivering our solutions and products to end user customers, we built the GRT Partner Program to be value-based and results-focused.

The GRT Partner Program is the essence of how we go to market with you as a channel partner. Channel partners are one of our primary routes to market and, as such, they are incredibly important to us.

As a result, Growth, Value, Expertise and Differentiation were our primary drivers for creating the GRT Partner Program:

GROWTH. GRT Partner Program is designed to help you meet your goals and objectives. We want to provide you the solutions you need to increase sales of your products and services.

VALUE. We know that building a successful relationship with a channel partner requires time and resources – and we want to make that investment into our relationship with you. That’s why we offer solutions focused on helping you generate revenue. And for those channel partners that invest in expanding their relationship with us, we offer even greater resources and support.

EXPERTISE. Channel partner competency is very important to us – because it’s very important to the customer. Your clients choose to work with you because you understand their business, their challenges – and know which solution and technologies can help them solve these challenges. GRT’s Partner Program rewards you for this expertise through special offerings of pilots and customized proof of concepts, and strategic discovery sessions with your clients. We are experts at defining the field solution that will successfully meet your client’s need.

DIFFERENTIATION. GRT solutions can help you stand out against competitors because you’ve got our long history of innovation and success behind you. You can also differentiate yourself by achieving specialization, which validates your expertise.

To recognize the unique expertise and meet the needs of channel partners focused on different kinds of products, GRT grants participation in our Partner Program by Technology and Industry Area. You can request to participate in one or more of these Areas, depending on the scope of your business.