With RDMS Utility, you can improve productivity and operational costs by improving communications between the main office and workers in the field. RDMS can help you not only reduce processing time, but also reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary paperwork with real-time, mobile work and supply ordering systems.

RDMS can also help your company improve profitability by allowing for increased field productivity and enhanced structured data integrity. RDMS provides strategic visibility and reporting for the following key data collection areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Field Service Automation
  • Routine Work
  • Hazard Management Information
  • Storm Response
  • Fleet Management
  • Vegetation Maintenance
  • General Administration

RDMS Mobile Field Data Workflow Automation

RDMS Mobile Field Data Workflow Automation “Field Inspection Application” is utilized by field crews that perform inspections in order to capture facility conditions and damage, as well as record field corrections, such as actual facility locations, missing facilities in the system, and incorrect or missing attribution. The inspection information will be uploaded as intelligent inspection records with all the corresponding information and ownership to the inspected feature. The application also uploads any captured field corrections.

Utility companies routinely perform “field inspections” to assess the health of facilities in the field such as:

  • Smart meter deployment and meter changes
  • Electric pole and joint-use inspection
  • Gas valve inspection
  • Water hydrant asset maintenance
  • Wastewater manhole inspection
  • Utility plant maintenance and inspection
  • Solar installation and maintenance
  • Wind turbine asset maintenance
  • General utility field service/data collection
  • Asset management operations