Military operations are increasingly expeditionary in nature and mission success is often dependent upon the ability to coordinate in real-time across a spectrum of personnel operating within your Area of Operations.

GRT’s solution was designed from the ground-up to operate securely and reliably in the most extreme and hostile theaters of operation. Our end-to-end solution enables access to and analysis of real-time information for more rapid and effective decision making. In addition, field systems are light-weight and portable, supporting the need for maximum mobility. And most importantly, with our GIS mapping, satellite communication, web based infrastructure and imagery expertise, operational personnel are able to more quickly identify and overcome the most extreme challenges.


The Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) Systems provides a highly effective 360 degree field of view to provide protection for multinational troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a Solutions Provider, GRT develops and supports a Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) application for the tracking and ordering of spare parts, updating system status, and reporting services for the RAID System.

Result: Operational Readiness on RAID systems significantly improved almost doubling performance.

Total Asset Visibility (TAV)

TAV is accomplished through the RAID CLS Spares website that provides users with timely and accurate information on the location, movement, status and identity of deployed RAID Systems including personnel, equipment, material and supplies

Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

RAID CLS Spares website supports Performance Based Logistics (PBL) management principles for all facets of the requirements for mission support and system sustainment.

Secure, Networked Communications.

The backbone of our solutions is our exclusive Rapid Data Management System (RDMS) software. RDMS enables command center personnel to analyze in real-time field collected data from a variety of sources while simultaneously enabling small unit leaders to leverage global resources to meet the information and coordination challenges of a very fluid and dynamic operational environment.