RDMS Insurance, using simple, yet comprehensive e-form generation, is able to align ACORD forms into a simple, intuitive mobile business application, allowing Insurance Agents to electronically collect customer data required to receive and bind insurance quotes from major Insurance Underwriters.

Features for Insurance Agents:

  • Fill out one master input form and information will pre-populate various ACORD forms
  • Prioritize information desired
  • Make better use of back-end information through structured data
  • All forms will be geo-coded and time/date stamped
  • Solution allows ability to add photos as part of a record
  • Bind contracts through electronic signature capability
  • Customization flexibility
  • Branding and control of data
  • Rules of usage and permissions of usage

Features for Insurance Agencies:

  • Real-Time reporting on agency production
  • Individual, team, regional up to the minute visibility
  • Provides agents better command of profile risks for underwriting and to leverage this information
  • Targeted distribution of insurance products by matching customers to insurance carrier niches
  • Structured real-time data-providing production numbers for reporting to Carriers
  • Customized reporting for Agencies, i.e. zip code, region, agents, insured values, etc.

RDMS Insurance Application Benefits:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency / Simplify Work Processes
  • Reduce Administrative Overhead / Achieve Significant Cost Savings
  • Accelerate Critical Business / Operational Decisions
  • Enhance Data Accuracy / Data Integrity / Data Analysis
  • Increase Labor Utilization Rates / Operational Productivity
  • Enrich Customer Satisfaction / Respond Instantly in Real-Time
  • Improve Enterprise Security Levels / Mitigate Security Risks