RDMS Healthcare has been used by with the Federal Government, NGOs, and IGOs for more than ten years helping to deliver medical services in remote, austere and often disconnected environments. We've helped treat and track tens of thousands of patients, supporting a variety of medical services ranging from general medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, optometry and dental care.

Our patented RDMS™ solution has helped to conduct Preventive Medicine Surveys to detect potential health risks in food and water supplies, tracked the organic blood supply for medical personnel working throughout the Far East while also tracking and reporting Rapid Health Assessments data for key indicators of potential pandemic flu outbreaks.

Building upon our core suite of flexible web enabled solutions, GRT is ready to help you define, develop and deliver a customized solution that helps your organization succeed while creating efficiencies in the delivery of services, the ability to respond rapidly, and extend the use of internal resources.

RDMS Healthcare provides the following:

  • Real-time collaboration between the caregiver in the field and the home office
  • Automatic updates to clients care plan when a physician makes a change
  • Real-time client data flows from the caregiver in the field to the office systems
  • Simplified online viewing of clients care plan and key information
  • 24/7 access to clients clinical information
  • Expedited billing
  • Electronic signatures provide validated audit trail
  • Secure communication, access authentication
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced operating costs, immediate ROI
  • Increased efficiency of staff

NAHC GRT is a proud member of NAHC, National Association for Home Care & Hospice