Keep Operations Running Smoothly and Efficiently.

RDMS Forestry offers solutions for Forest Rangers who operate in remote locations and in austere, extreme environments. Communications in these areas—if they exist at all—are often degraded or broken. Paper forms are inefficient at best. And even if computers are an option, finding an operable connection to upload data is nearly impossible. Yet, the ability to communicate and analyze information in these types of environments is critical.

RDMS was designed from the ground-up to operate securely and reliably in the most extreme and hostile theaters of operation. The RDMS end-to-end solution enables access and analysis to real-time information from the field for more rapid and effective decision making. Light-weight field systems allow Forest Rangers to retain their maximum mobility. And most importantly, with our GIS mapping, satellite communication, web based infrastructure and imagery expertise, operational personnel are able to more quickly identify and overcome the most extreme challenges.

If You Have These Challenges…RDMS provides the following solutions for Forestry:

  • Emergency Communications Services
  • Asset Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • General Administration Reports