RDMS Emergency solves the field operational challenges of disaster by enabling the real-time collection of field data by emergency responders. Using rugged handheld devices, the critical data collected is immediately transmitted over the most cost effective and available communications network, via cellular or satellite, enabling command center personnel to view and analyze aggregated information for rapid decision making.

Because GRT knows that acquiring accurate structured and real-time data is critical to maintaining data integrity and ultimately increasing profitability, the rapid coordination and communications capabilities that GRT provides to emergency responders can make the difference between success and failure in emergency management situations.

Easily Coordinate Relief Efforts Among Agencies.

GRT's user friendly Web-based solutions utilizes advanced security techniques and standards based software and communications technologies, allowing you to easily share and aggregate information among disparate groups. Agencies can then work together, more effectively using a common set of information to speed assistance to devastated areas.

Secure, Networked Communications.

The backbone of our solutions is our exclusive Rapid Data Management System (RDMS). RDMS enables non-field personnel to analyze field collected data in real time from a variety of sources while simultaneously enabling small unit leaders to leverage global resources to meet the information and coordination challenges of a very fluid and dynamic operational environment.